We are dedicated to helping immigrants, international students, and other diverse groups, to improve and grow in their professional lives. We have worked with visa holders, including F1, J1, H1B, OPT, CPT, etc. and we're always trying to expand upon our knowledge, so that we can grow and learn.


The world is a complex place, and finding a good job and managing your career while living in a new country is incredibly challenging. We both have experience as immigrants, international students and career switchers, so we have personal experience with what it is like to go through this process. 

Are you struggling with small talk, communication with English speakers, navigating your job and career, the people you work with, boss, and small talk?

We've been there. We can help. 

In 2017, Ramesh was asked to speak at Northeastern University to an audience of international students about job search and careers in the US. After receiving overwhelming feedback, he found a real need that wasn't being met. He started CareerGuruGlobal to better help young people in their careers, and shortly thereafter, Heather joined the team. 
"As professionals, we didn't see a lot of career advice out there that addressed the unique challenges of finding a job, or navigating a career as an immigrant or international student. There's definitely a gap between book learning and actual job preparedness."
CareerGuruGlobal offers support in job strategy, personal branding, resume and cover letter writing. But they also offer workshops in cross-cultural communication, small talk for Business English, interviewing as a non-native English speaker, and keeping a healthy mindset as an immigrant searching for a job.
"We understand the difficulties in the job market today. Despite declining unemployment, there has been a rise in under-par jobs which don't pay livable wages or support millennials in their career growth. This doesn't help international students, who are bound by market salary prices and the need for independent financial stability. Both Heather and I have been immigrants and international students at one time, and have navigated successfully. And we want to pass on that wisdom to others."
Our Team
Ramesh Jayavaram
Co-founder, Career Coach

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rameshjayavaram/ 

Experience: A decade of management experience in a variety of different organizations in India and USA. Worked in multiple roles including career counseling, project management, marketing, legal, and startup coaching. Trained in facilitating career development. 

Education: MBA (Marketing & Entrepreneurship) and Mechanical Engineering

Heather Sousa
Co-founder, Communication Specialist

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heathersousa913/

Experience: Heather's professional career has spanned three continents, focusing on cross-cultural communication, English language training, cultural inclusion, and international education. A TEFL certified business English trainer, with clients including executives from some of the top banks in Europe, software development and engineering companies. 

Education: Bachelor of Science

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